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Our "entry-level" service delivers Professional-Quality Insider Intelligence...for just $249 per year.

Our comprehensive Daily Insider Ratings Reports list all the stocks that had insider transactions the prior day, and features the stocks with "Significant" insider profiles right up top.

Our straightforward and independently verified InsiderInsights Company Ratings make it easy and efficient for investors to incorporate the "insider factor" into their research routines.

This subscription also includes our 4x a Day Top Trades Alerts.
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August 15, 2019 Sample

December 19, 2018 Sample
Our Daily Insider Ratings Reports are a dependable, independent research service--NOT a tip sheet.

You don't need another source to periodically spoon feed you a single stock pick that may not even be appropriate for your portfolio. What you need is a reliable, proven method for narrowing down the number and increasing the quality of investment ideas you consider, so you can make the final decision about which stock is right for you or your clients today.

Insiders are that tool. And after they help you build a solid core of investments to satisfy your income needs and longer-term investment goals, go ahead: consider a punt on that high-risk/high-reward biotech insiders just alerted you to with their Significant insider buying cluster.

ETF investors can see Sector and Industry trends from the bottom-up.
By late 2015, there was an obvious trend of insiders buying small banks. Names in this industry just kept showing up with insider activity that was "Bullish" or "Leaning Bullish" on our Daily Insider Ratings Reports. Most of the individual names had uncomfortably low market caps and trading volumes for our tastes. But we were able to take advantage of this prescient insider intelligence by buying into ABA Community Bank Index Fund (QABA) instead. Our Daily Insider Ratings Reports are presently revealing several more bullish industry signals.

Option-oriented investors can use insider data as a way to determine which stock option chains to analyze for opportunities, or to leverage the industry bets that executives have crowd-sourced for you with their trading intelligence.

Are you in a big winner that company executives just started selling heavily?
You may be relieved to find that the big-dollar insider selling cluster in your favorite stock is only rated "Insignificantly Bearish" in your next Daily Insider Ratings Report. Insiders selling stocks that have performed well is a common combination of metrics. We have a full array of Insider Statistics and behavioral factors to feed into our InsiderBot expert system, so that its million-plus lines of code cut through the noise to identify insiders' real sentiment in real time.

Do you invest in debt instruments?
If executives in the c-suite have a Significantly Bullish view of their equity, perhaps the company's distressed debt instruments aren't as risky as their beaten-down price suggests.

And if you disagree with one of our Ratings?
That's fine with us. Send us an email or type the stock's ticker into our Free Real-Time 2-Year Insider Histories. We give you all the data and Filer Statistics you need to reach your own conclusion.

If making money from insiders was as easy as piggy-backing off of every million-dollar trade execs make, InsiderInsights would have never surpassed its recent 15-year milestone of providing investment intelligence to RIAs, hedge-fund managers, institutional investors...and serious individuals. Our services are on Bloomberg terminals at both {ININ} and {APPS ININ}. and we're also integrated into the research platform of InteractiveBrokers.

Whether you're a self-directed investor or a frugal investment professional, you can't get a better value in actionable insider intelligence than InsiderInsights' Daily Insider Ratings Reports and 4x a Day Top Trades Alerts.

And If you think that claim is wrong, let me know!

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