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Key For InsiderInsights Company Ratings
-(See sample output below)

Insider activity is a behavioral data flow that has been proven profitable to analyze for investment intelligence. Used properly, it is a great, time-saving tool for identifying new potential investments of all styles, both long and short. That said, most insider trades are not significant, and represent mere noise to be ignored. To assist our clients in making the most of our already value-added insider data flow, InsiderInsights rates a company's insider profile for significance.

InsiderInsights rates the significance of a company's insider profile based on numerous criteria, including:
Size of insider transactions in terms of both dollar value and the percentage change in an insider's holdings; How many insiders are acting similarly (eg. clusters or activity); The track record(s) of the insider(s) trading; Whether and how executives are also trading other stocks they are insiders at; Whether a lack of trading may represent significant behavior; The overall acceleration or deceleration of insiders' activity, including reversals of opinion; The price action of the stock insiders are trading; ...and other proprietary behavioral measures.

When analyzing an insider's track record, we also take into account the full range of Insider Statistics regarding their historical trades--not just the average returns that lesser scoring methodologies rely on. An executive with a decent historical average return is nice to identify, but that behavioral intelligence is incomplete without knowing the hit rate and overall distribution of the insider's performance.

The conclusions of our insider analysis are presented in an intuitive numerical and visual scale as follows, and represent a powerful new metric for Data Module clients to incorporate into their Special Screens:

InsiderInsights Company Ratings have also been independently validated by an unsolicited and uncompensated White Paper from Lucena Research. Lucena's conclusion from their extensive analysis is that InsiderInsights Company Ratings have "persistent and meaningful value". Our own study of all the performance statistics associated with each Company Rating prominently displayed in our Premium Insider Histories concurs.

So what are you waiting for?
The Next Generation of Insider Trading Analytics is here, and available for less than you're paying for inferior products.
Give us a call at (212) 784-6860, and let us give you a tour.

Company Ratings and Filer Statistics Examples:

NOTE: Sample output is abbreviated. Actual Insider Histories include over 10 years worth of data.

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