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It’s the only service I have that I can really trust.
-FU, Individual Investor, Hawaii

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  • 48 PDF-formatted issues per year, published Mondays with value-added insider tables and features listed below;
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  • NEW!  Newsletter tables also now include InsiderInsights' Proprietary Ratings!

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FAQ: Should I Subscribe to the Newsletter or Data Module?

More winners than losers, and winners that go up more than the losers go down. That's what our insider-based equity analysis has consistently produced through the years.

InsiderInsights' Newsletter teaches and enables clients to use insider data as a first screen to uncover attractive investments.
Whether you're looking for a new growth, value, income, microcap, special situation, or short investment, using insider data as your first screen jump starts your research process and improves your returns.

InsiderInsights Newsletter is not a tip sheet. Tip-sheets are revolting.

InsiderInsights Newsletter provides a Research Service that has been used for over a decade by investment advisors, brokers, hedge-fund mangers, institutional investors...and serious individuals...to narrow down investment choices, and enhance investment results for their clients and themselves.

Newsletter Features Include:

  • A list of the most promising stocks to buy, sell, or avoid according to recent insider filings;
  • A larger Insider Universe of still-active Bullish and Bearish Insider Signals from recent months;
  • An ongoing Recommended List of long and short investment ideas that meet both our insider and fundamental criteria;
  • Updates, additions, and deletions of stocks on our Recommended List;
  • Numerous tables of the most recent insider purchases and sales, showing the most interesting insider trades in terms of individual dollar value, aggregate dollar value, % changes in holdings, % of shares outstanding, new and closed positions;
  • Analysis of insider sentiment on the direction of the overall market;
  • Monthly Special Screens combining insider data with various fundamental and price-action criteria.
  • Subscribers also receive Top Trades Email Alerts throughout the day with tables of the largest purchases and sales just filed at the SEC.
  • NEW!  Most Newsletter tables also now include InsiderInsights' Proprietary Ratings!

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