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About Us

InsiderInsights.com has been distributing its Weekly Insider Trading Newsletter since the end of September 2001, and began offering value-added data products a year later.

InsiderInsights.com is wholly owned by Ex Officio LLC, a New York limited liability company whose principal is Jonathan Moreland. Having submerged himself in analyzing insider data for nearly two decades, Mr. Moreland is now quoted frequently in the media regarding this information flow, and stock recommendations stemming from it. He also wrote a book on the subject, titled Profit From Legal Insider Trading, and has been a regular contributor to various financial outlets, including: TheStreet.com; Minyanville; WealthManagement.com, and; SeekingAlpha.

Mr. Moreland began working with insider data in the early 1990s while an analyst for the old Individual Investor magazine. A fundamental analyst with an MBA in finance and studying for Level III of the CFA, Mr. Moreland long ago identified insider data as an excellent first screen to determine where to focus his research efforts.

His interest in the information led him to develop InsiderTrader.com in the mid 1990s. This website was the first outlet for timely, comprehensive, and affordable insider information since insider trading data was mandated in 1934. A couple of years later, Yahoo!Finance and other portals began distributing basic insider histories, and the data flow became solidly entrenched in the public domain.

Mr. Moreland sold InsiderTrader.com in the Fall of 1998, and, alas, the final owners decided to wind it down in the Fall of 2001. Interestingly, other affordable insider-related websites and newsletters also shut down around the same time.

To fill this void, Mr. Moreland launched www.InsiderInsights.com in 2001 as a platform to distribute his independent equity and market research based on insider data, via his weekly InsiderInsights Newsletter. Mr. Moreland subsequently developed a proprietary, value-added insider data feed in 2009 to enhance the research tools and processes he developed during his decades of analyzing the insider information flow. Several of Mr. Moreland's analytical processes were subsequently formalized in 2013, with the launch of InsiderInisights.com's proprietary Insider Filer Statistics and Insider Company Ratings.

InsiderInsights Company Ratings have been independently validated by an unsolicited and uncompensated white paper from Lucena Research. Lucena's conclusion from their extensive analysis is that InsiderInsights Company Ratings have "persistent and meaningful value". InsiderInsights own longer-term study of all the performance statistics associated with each Company Rating concurs.

The advent of InsiderInsights Filer Statistics and Company Ratings has established InsiderInsights as an institutional-strength provider of insider data and analytics. Interest from financial institutions to integrate data feeds of InsiderInsights data, statistics, and ratings has increased accordingly. InsiderInsights is presently seeking funding and partnerships to commercialize its intellectual property more rapidly.

Feedback and suggestions for additional features are always welcome, as are specialized data research projects.

Contact Jonathan Moreland if you have any questions, at: (212) 784-6860.

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