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InsiderInsights Insider Statistics
-(See sample output below)

InsiderInsights full range of Insider Statistics present the cold, hard math of how stocks performed after an insider's trade. Our better Insider Statistics further assist with generating more accurate, independently validated
Insider Company Ratings.

Our Insider Statistics are professional metrics available to Premium Subscribers to InsiderInsights Data Module.

More than a "score"...

Our full range of Insider Statistics goes beyond simply "scoring" an insider's average returns. InsiderInsights presents the complete range of statistical metrics, including: mean; median; range of returns; the insider's all-important hit rate, and; the sample size statistics are calculated from.

InsiderInsights Insider Statistics allow investors to easily see an insider's track record, and--just as importantly--determine if the track record is based on a consistent winning percentage over time, or the result of a single lucky trade.

Provided over multiple time frames...

Our full range of Insider Statistics are also generated over six time intervals from the time of an insider's trade, including:
1 Week; 1 Month; 3 Months; 6 Months; 9 Months, and; 1 Year.

This 4th dimension of Insider Statistics is presented in the full Insider Scorecard viewable by clicking the hyperlink in the green or red-tinted Scorecard indicator in ticker and filer output.

The Scorecard indicator is shaded green when it represents a purchase transaction, and red for insider sales. The number in the green or red-tinted Scorecard indicator represents the number of companies the executive is (or has been) an insider at. The Scorecards for all the companies the insider has will be presented when the Scorecard indicator hyperlink is clicked, allowing clients to quickly few an insiders track record across all his/her holdings.

Applying theory to reality.

While lesser insider scoring methods are satisfied to calculate an insider's return statistics based on the transaction price of the executive, InsiderInsights presents a full range and time series of Insider Statistics based on both an insider's transaction dates, as well as the filing dates of the Form 4s at the Securities Exchange Commission. After all, investors can't act on an insider's trade until they actually know about it. And Insider Statistics based on when the Form 4 was entered in the public domain are more important measures of what an investor could earn following the insider.

This is why we default our abbreviated ticker and filer-based Insider Statistics to present the longest time series available for the Entered Date based statistics. When a 1 Year Entered Date statistic is not available to present (because of a lack of trading history), our system will look for the next longest time frame.

Clients more interested in shorter-term trading opportunities can reset the time frame of the Insider Statistics presented in our ticker and filer output by opting to "Show Filer Statistics for Time Frame" "Up To" "1 Month" instead of the "1 Year" we default the setting to.

So what are you waiting for?
The Next Generation of Insider Trading Analytics is here, and available for less than you're paying for inferior products.
Give us a call at (212) 784-6860, and let us give you a tour.

Company Ratings and Filer Statistics Examples:

NOTE: Sample output is abbreviated. Actual Insider Histories include over 10 years worth of data.

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