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Our Input Date Search is an excellent tool to examine the latest insider trades for new long and short investment ideas, but it is only available to paid subscribers.

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Feature available to paying subscribers only. Subscriber output is also not separated on different pages, so that print outs and Excel downloads contain all of a search's information.

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InsiderInsights Free Stuff
The BEST Free Real-Time Insider Histories Available Anywhere!

We just launched a NEW entry-level product that you really should consider...

...but for investors simply wanting to review the insider histories of stocks they own, the free version of our subscription Insider Search interface (above) offers the best Real-Time insider information around for gratis.

Our Free Insider Histories even include our best-of-breed Insider Statistics! To see how well an insiders have traded all their stocks over multiple time frames, click those hyperlinked green and red boxes on the left of our histories.

You can also get timely and historic lists of large insider transactions from our "Top 20" search interface (to the right). Though just a modicum of the screening capability we offer in our subscription Insider Screens module (and limited to open-market transactions only), we do empower you to drill down by sector and industry with this simple filter.

And all our Free Stuff accesses a database compiled by our proprietary algorithms. These procedures make value-added changes to the insider data filed at the SEC on the fly, turning it into much more useful "information".

As a result, we have specialized Transaction Type Codes that:

We also capture all of the insiders' titles. Why settle for knowing an executive is a Vice President when you can see at a glance that they are the VP of Sales, Legal, Human Resources, Operations, etc.

Our Free Top 20 Search Interface further allows queries by Sector and Industry, which represents only a fraction of the capability of our professional grade Special Screens tool.

What You're NOT Getting.
Our Free Insider Histories are limited versions of what our Data Module subscribers receive. Limitations include: Basically, you get better Free Real-Time Insider information than what the various portals offer, but you do not get the most important tools we've built that turn insider information into the best first screen there is for picking new stocks!

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