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Ah, the thrill of investing for yourself. Waking up to CNBC, and picking up a hot tip. Buying into the momentum of a surging stock, and doubling your money in just one month! What fun!

Oh wait, that was last decade.

Today, of course, everyone knows that the investing environment of the late 1990s was literally too good to be true. Now, investing in stocks is what it has always been: hard work.

If you have better things to do with your spare time, consider letting us do the grunt work for you via our Managed Account program.

Insider Asset Management LLC

Our money management program is undertaken via Insider Asset Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in New York State.

We have set up our managed accounts program to meet the demand of investors who believe in the investment analysis we present via our InsiderInsights weekly newsletter, and want us to implement our investment strategy for them. After all, most people have better things to do.

We have designed our program to be extremely transparent, cost-effective, and secure for clients. Utilizing Ameritrade's Institutional Services, we can allocate our trades fairly across all of our managed accounts, while sparing our clients annoying quarterly and administrative fees that other custodians charge.

The transparency of our program is quite unique, and should appeal tremendously to any past or present hedge-fund investors tired of not knowing where their money is invested.

Our clients can log into their Ameritrade account on a 24/7 basis to monitor activity. Monthly statements summarize all activity and holdings for you, and we can also arrange to have trade confirmations emailed to you in real time. While we certainly expect our clients to feel comfortable enough with our program not to constantly monitor their accounts, isn't it nice to know you can? It's your money. You should be able to see what it's doing!

If clients see a transaction they find troubling, give us a call. And if a client wants to know more about our rationale for investing in a specific position, just read our InsiderInsight's newsletter. Every stock in your portfolio will be reviewed and updated there in quick order.

Safety is another hallmark or our program. Ameritrade is the custodian of your money, not us. We never take possession of your assets, but merely have trading authority in an account that is entirely in your name. Ameritrade does not allow the advisors in its Institutional Advisory Services program to transfer any client's money unless the receiving account is also in the client's name.

Most potential clients have heard about our Managed Accounts Program after becoming familiar with our InsiderInsights.com weekly newsletter. But it is important for potential clients to understand that the solid track record of the newsletter is a stock-picking track record, not a money management track record--and we do not market it as such.

Being new, however, we have more motivation than most to perform well for our clients. Building a proper (and profitable) money management track record is extremely important to us to grow our business, and you can be assured of our working very hard on your behalf.

Our program is available to both qualified and non-qualified investors. Depending on which category you fall, we charge either a flat fee, or a smaller fee plus a percentage of profits.

To see if this program is right for you, call Jonathan Moreland at (212) 784-6860.

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