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4x a Day Insider Top Trades Email Alerts

Subscribers to our Daily Ratings Reports, Pro Level, Data Module, and Free Top Trades Alerts all receive four emails each day the SEC is open. The emails contain the top 20 largest dollar value insider purchases and sales filed at the SEC in the hours between each alert.

Timing of Alerts
Each working day, the SEC begins receiving insider filings at 6am, and stops accepting them at 10pm. We've organized our Alerts to trigger four times a day, at: 11:30am; 3:30pm; 7:30pm, and 10:05pm. In each email, the tables relay the Top Dollar Value Trades filed at the SEC during each block of time, and are not cumulative throughout the day. This ensures that clients see a broader range of filings, not repeats of massive transactions filed in the morning.

That said, insider filing volumes are not uniform at the SEC. The high filing time for insider transactions is between 3pm and 6pm. So while the 11:30am and 10:05pm emails may struggle to contain the full 20 purchases and sales during low volume filing periods (like during earnings season), the 3:30pm and 7:30pm emails will usually be chock full of much higher dollar-value trades.

Sample Top Trades Alert

Fully Hyperlinked to Enhance Research Flow
Tickers, Filer Names, Company Names and the Statistical Scorecards of insiders are all hyperlinked in our Top Trades Alerts so you can research the "Significance" of the transactions with a click.

Clients of our Daily Ratings Reports and Pro Level click through to InsiderInsights Free Real-Time 2-Year Insider Histories, and can get a heads up as to which stocks will have an InsiderInsights Company Rating in the next morning's Daily Ratings Report.

Clients of our Data Module click through to Real-Time Insider Histories going back to 2004, that already have our independently verified InsiderInsights Company Rating in the display.

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