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I want to say thanks for a great product. I found your site after reading George Muzea's 'Vital Few' book and became a subscriber last month. I've found your newsletter to be very informative and hopefully will become a better investor.
-JB, Individual Investor, Oklahoma

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Save You Time & Improve Your Results!

Timely. Concise. Profitable. InsiderInsights makes it easy for you to make money from insiders.

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InsiderInsights has been used for two decades by investment advisors, brokers, hedge-fund managers, institutional investors...and serious individuals...to narrow down investment choices, and enhance investment results for their clients and themselves.

InsiderInsights empowers investors to profitably incorporate the “insider factor” into their research, and find their next winning stock. Whether you're looking for a new growth stock, value play, income generator, or special situation, our proprietary Insider Company Ratings jump start your research process and improve your returns.

Just as important--we save you time!

Besides uncovering promising stocks, clients also use our insider Company Ratings to identify which options chains and debt instruments to assess.

After all, if insiders like their equity, leveraging bets and finding instruments further up the creditor chain makes sense. Clients also use our reports to discover which sectors insiders are favoring, and use ETFs to play the bullish or bearish insider sector sentiment.

Our Insider Ratings and Reports are a proven, independent research service--NOT a tip sheet.

Our insider Alerts, Reports, and Tools are designed to make sure clients get ALL the "Significant" insider signals WHEN they want them--while minimizing distractions from noisy data snd insignificant transactions.

Clients may be more active one week, and less active the next. We have intra-day Alerts and Daily Reports to keep investors informed in real time when it's critical, but also consolidate Weekly and Monthly insider reports to bring you up to date quickly when those time frames best suit your schedule. Clients can also consult our knowledgeable experts, to answer all their insider-related questions.

FYI: ALL the tables and screens presented in our daily, weekly, and monthly reports are generated with the Insider Screening Tool feature of our institutional-grade Data Module subscription.

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You can also give us a call at (212) 784-6860, or email support@insiderinsights.com with any questions about our services--or insider data in general.

InsiderInsights Founder, Jonathan Moreland, literally wrote the book on using insider data in the investment process, and has developed all the tools investors need to profit from insiders!

We’re not sure what you’re used to when you sign up for something on the Internet, but we’re REAL people here ready to help you integrate insider data into your research process. Give us a call!

Haven't heard of us? Where have you been? We've certainly been around!

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