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Should I Subscribe to the Pro Level or Data Module?

We get this question frequently, and the answer depends on what type of investor you are.

We have a large percentage of financial professionals in our client base (hedge funds, money mangers, RIA's, registered reps, etc), and about half of them subscribe to our Data Module, which also includes all the features of our Pro Level. This core group likes the consolidated presentation of the insider data in the weekly Newsletter, and also appreciate our Market Commentary, educational passages regarding the use of insider data, as well as our individual stock recommendations. Many clients print out the Newsletter so they can peruse it during commutes or other down time.

At the same time, financial professionals (and active individual investors) often require more timely access to investment ideas. For them, using our real-time Data Module is also very important. All of the data tables in our weekly Newsletter are generated with the Special Screens tool of our Data Module (with the name of the pre-programmed screen used at the top of the table in the Newsletter). Many clients find it advantageous to generate their favorite tables from the Newsletter intra-week.

They also depend on the greater number of real-time Portfolio Alerts they get with the Data Module, that alert them when any insider trade is made. The Pro Level allows for up to 50 stocks and/or filer names in their portfolios, while our Data Module allows for up to 500 stocks and/or filer names.

Many clients also have decades of experience themselves analyzing insider data. And while they appreciate our better insider data, statistics, and ratings, they formulate their own tailored Special Screens that generate a personalized short-list of insider-based investment ideas.

But for individuals, both cost and time can be issues. The extra money for the Data Module may be one expense too many. And, in any case, you're not day trading. You have a full-time job already and don't have time to screen financial data most days. If this is you, the Newsletter alone will likely prove more than sufficient for your needs. Many of the professionals in our client base also decide the Pro Level alone contains all the insider intelligence they need.

And even if you subscribe to the Pro Level alone, you'll still get a valuable flow of daily information from us in the form of our Daily Ratings Reports and the Top Trades Alerts sent to you four times a day.

Contact Jonathan Moreland if you have any questions, at: (212) 784-6860.

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